Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello Monday

Time to start another week and.... another round of Coffees! We just had a family discussion on our collective love of the stuff today. We agreed it so helps to focus. We all keep our beans in sealed glass jars and oh, the waft when you open one... But I digress.

This is a warning to all of you Espresso Machine owners about the proper removal of spent coffee grounds from your pod handle, or whatever it's called pictured above. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT whack your coffee pod silly to get the spent grounds out. Some of the wilder and woollier members of my family (and some friends) have actually broken this pod handle and had to spend a pretty penny replacing it.

Well! I just heard from my hairdresser that they are no longer just expensive, they are now also hard to find. She's scouring Ebay to replace hers. When we got our beloved Barista (years ago), we also bought a spent grounds receptacle. It had a bar across on which you were supposed to whack the pod handle so as to remove the old grounds. It seemed a barbaric use of force to me but I complied. Then not long after that it broke!!! No, the receptacle broke!! I couldn't believe it, I mean I never even could get myself to really slam the thing, you know, I always sort of cowered up to it. That was the last time I ever whacked. I now carefully remove the spent ground over the garbage can with the help of one of these most adorable jam spreaders pictured above. I found those at Harry and David but any butter knife will do. I like a little knife over a teaspoon, the straight blade fits the edge of the pod perfectly. Plus, aren't they cute? Here's to Coffee and have a great week.

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