Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some info you can so do without...

Ahoy there you net surfers and blog readers. It's been a while since I posted anything on the front page, I've been working feverishly on my Proverbs musings (see further down on the left for the list) and having a rich and wonderful time, but this front page gives me the family look everytime I whiz by to reach for the other ones. So here is my offering. I took this picture in a local park not 10 minutes from my house. Can you believe we live here???

It's really this beautiful all the time. It's not always sunny of course, this being the Northwest. Besides, it is also full of Dutch descent type people with names ending in A. There are however,  a couple of noteworthy exceptions and that is the point here. By the way, did you know that the French have a saying, well they have many sayings and they're all good like this one: the less jam you have the more you spread it, isn't that good, and this one that I was actually meaning to get to: "the exception confirms the rule," school teachers loved throwing it around as they slipped us "51 exceptions" to the new grammar rule. Anyway one noteworthy exception to the names ending in A (stay with me now) is a Honda dealer in the area; the name is Klein, at least the business is called Klein Honda. Now klein, in Dutch, means small. So Small Honda.. The first time I saw that I couldn't believe it, I wondered, should tell them, you know like when someone has a tag sticking out or a piece of food on their chin. But I didn't and now I'm totally cool with it. Maybe that was done on purpose come to think of it. Anyway then there's a billboard I drive by, I forget what they're advertising because the name on there is Koetje, and I can't ever get past it. Ok so koetje is Dutch for cute little cow... So there. Another smile along the way.  I just love this place.

The reason I mention the Dutch descent people is because Holland has much grey (gray?) weather like this, actually I think it has more but some of us love it (check out Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away, another poem among my pages). So all my compatriot cheese toting bulb lovers came here, took one look and said "oh look honey, aren't we the lucky ones, gray skies and rain" and they all stayed. Like I said, you could so live without knowing all this. Thanks for reading. Hope you're enjoying your week, mine's great so far.

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