Friday, June 18, 2010

About Eating Crow...

I told you I've been busy with family stuff... I'm in the the chicken-with-head-cut off stage what with all my comings and goings. En route, later in the morning, I even had to call my daughter (yes, hands free) to hear her voice and find a bit of normalcy in it. It worked.

But I have to tell you what happened before that.

During our breakfast routine (it's just my husband and me in the house - golden years), I was checking the fridge for my cream cheese while he was making coffee (we don't mess with each other's rituals). As I ran into the tomatoes, I chided him:

"I told you tomatoes don't go in the fridge, they'll turn mealy." He began to eat crow since he immediately remembered having been told that yesterday. We're both stretched thin I thought. I took them out and resumed my hunt for the cream cheese. It was nowhere to be found, I even pulled out a chair and sat (life over 50) to see the back of each shelf (next fridge will have freezer on the bottom). As a last resort I checked the freezer. Ah, man... Have you ever seen frozen cream cheese? The man of my life did a little jig and said "blog this."

I sat down for toast cream cheese and crow. Pretty good actually if you add jam...

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