Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spool Rack

Independence. Think it through but dare to make it your own, don't stop short. That's what we're celebrating.  I still marvel at the birth of America here some 235 ago (is that right?). It wasn't perfect, it wasn't without conflict, it wasn't without mistakes, but a group of men did their level best to make it happen. Their visions differed in some ways but it happened and here we are.  They wanted freedom to chart their course. I do too. I thank God for America, I really do. I have no idea how long this albeit flawed wonderful nation will survive as it was founded but for now, it is. Fireworks. Let's celebrate. We're still here.

As close as I can give you to fireworks is my adapted spool carrier I made, ahem, my husband and I made, for my sewing room. But a picture's worth a thousand works. Enjoy and see recipe below.

Take a smooth piece of plywood/wood. Figure out how many rods you want and arrange them (regularly or randomly in an artistic pattern ;) Mark each space with a pencil dot. Drill 1/4" holes partway in at slight angle. Cut 1/4" round dowel (smaller would be better: one of my spools just doesn't fit and oak is strongest) in pieces long enough to easily fit a spool. Glue them in. Prime and Paint the whole, frame (or not) to your liking). I recommend using a hanger like so (I didn't have nails short enough so I rigged it this way):

...and also that you affix the tacky putty at the bottom of the frame or wall as seen above. The hanger ensures that the entire affairs hangs flat against the wall and the putty keeps it immovable while you take spools on and off.  All my spools (save the one that is too small) are on this frame and it decorates my laundry room nicely. Even my family likes it!! Laundry room users unite. Happy Independence day!

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