Thursday, June 4, 2015

No News is not good news.

Life just took a down turn for someone I love but I harvested a gold nugget.
At first I stopped hearing from her and the sheer lack of communication was unbelievably painful.  

As I sought the Lord for knowing how to deal with this situation (and not react in pain), I heard the importance of Abiding in a brand new way, on an emotional level and from God's perspective. Almost as if He said: "Now you know what it feels like when my people don't abide in Me." It changed me forever. 

I had always focussed on the Holiness aspect of abiding, not the Love relationship. A few long days later, I heard from my young friend again. It was bad news... but I felt so relieved! 

Bad news was so much better than no news at all. 


Lesson Learned: God can deal with our problems, He has already figured all of that out. What He cannot or will not deal with (theologians I will leave that one to you) is when we reject Him, refuse to acknowledge Him, cut off communication from Him... when we no longer abide in Him or in His Word we might still receive from His Hand (He is so gracious) but we cannot see His Face, find His Refuge or have fellowship with Him who is the Lover of our Souls. 

(update: my young friend is actually in a better place now than she has ever been). 

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