Saturday, December 12, 2015

It is Good!

This is a tea cozy. I just made it. Working without a pattern, I stayed with it until I was satisfied. I couldn't give up, loved the print too much. 
It had to be functional - I make tea twice a day - so easily filled, rinsed and emptied and of course eminently 'hold-able'. (I just like that word eminently). 

However I soon noticed there was more to it.. I also wanted it to be pleasing. As I worked, I wondered if I fussed too much... Was this really necessary? Then I had the most wonderful realization and finished my project with abandon: 

When God worked, He felt the need to be satisfied, to be pleased! Each day He worked at a project as recorded in Genesis chapter 1. Each day He worked until He could look at the fruit of His Labor and say: "It is good"! 

What an amazing God we serve who works and does not stop until He is satisfied, until what He makes is not just serviceable and workable but also pleasing. In making my little tea cozy I caught a glimpse of His great care, His amazing understanding, His attention to detail, His great love for His subject, His view of a future. 

We are in Good Hands indeed... Have a rich Advent Season. 

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