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When I first started reading and studying the Bible, before the advent of the personal computer (I feel old) we used a big heavy book called Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. If we couldn't remember the address of a particular scripture, we could take any one word of what we could remember and look it up in Strong's to find all the places where that one word occurs in the Bible. In the list of all the short phrases containing that word, we could pick out the reference in question preceded by its address in the Bible. Then, through a numbering system, we could locate the original Greek or Hebrew word, conveniently translated in the accompanying dictionary. Of course those translations were minimal and do not take into account the context of each word and how that may affect its usage. That said, it was much better than nothing at all, which for us mere mortals (non scholars) was the only alternative.

My husband explained to me how this was done long, long before the age of computers and I still don't really understand it, save for the fact it sounds exausting as well as exhaustive. Here is the Wikipedia link to Mr. Strong's story, told better than I ever could:'s_Concordance Thank you Mr. Strong. We all benefit from your labors. 

Some clever people have put Mr. Strong's laborious work into computers and we now have a wealth of resources available for Bible reference. The Online Bible is only one of many. I am partial to it because I find it extremely easy to use, it is entirely free (not even any gimmicks); it also has many international versions of the Bible available as add ons. Of course I chose to donate since the European based company doesn't even use advertising. And it is such a good cause. 

Here again,  is the website for the free download:

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