Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away...

Someone asked me about this poem recently so I reprinted it here. The illustration is pen and watercolor. I wrote and illustrated it out of my own childhood memories for anyone who does not like grey weather.  Perhaps another view will make you smile… Here's hoping.

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
Little one here wants to play
Where it's warm
And stay there all day.

I loved it when the days were grey and clouds were low
They seemed to want it so
To be near us, to bring Heaven down
Down below.

It felt cozy and comfy
A blanket from the winter cold
It seemed I could touch them
Yet being so small.

I loved it when it rained all day
It sprinkled evenly, a lot like snow
Then streets would sparkle 
And shops would glow...
I loved it and enjoyed it so.

There were puddles
In shiny street
The rain in gutters
Running on at full speed

I loved how things twinkled
After being so cleaned
The street lights would shimmer
The asphalt would gleem.
Trees became ornaments
Windows were jewels
And the shops 
Just invited you in.

The Bakery is warm
The glass door keeps it dry
And the shelves are crammed full
Of good things to buy;
Breads and rolls
Of all sizes and shapes
Ladies with baskets 
And kids in their wake

The butcher shop bustles 
With shoppers today
They are planning their meals
From the luscious display
And a dog wags its tail. 

Outside again now, 
Quickly back to the car,
With the singsong of splatter
As the tram hurries by.

Briefcases, black hats 
Umbrellas and boots
Bicycles, baskets
And ladies with goods
And all running here
And all running there
Splattering music everywhere
Cars and trucks and cargo-bikes too
Rushing forth with things to do
Cheeks are wet and collars high
Raincoats dripping under the sky.

Now safely home

With lamps that glow

  Get us our slippers

And kettle for tea.
These memories I treasure  

These thoughts I will keep. 

Back then I was little

So young and amazed
And I may be much older 

But some things don't change
 I still and will always
Enjoy rainy gray.


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