Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stepping Back...

I am famous (relatively speaking) for fairly often missing the forest for the trees. 

The way I'm wired, (that's a tame expression for how God intricately wrought me in the lower parts of the earth - just love that intense language), I am very much a detail person. I have come to accept there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, as the Brits would say, indeed it can be an asset as with my painting efforts for instance and even at times in relationship to people: I miss very little of what goes on between people in the room. Of course that's not always a blessing, ignorance is bliss more often than not. But I digress. 

Rest has been such a detail in my heart and mind in recent weeks. By detail I mean I have zoomed in on Rest with abandon but now, I can tell, it's time to zoom out again to the broader view. 

There are many times in life when rest, stepping away physically and assuming an attitude of repose, is simply not practical or even possible. Having been a mother (of twins no less), I fully appreciate the vigor of that statement. 

So then what? Are we supposed to just grin and bear it? Even though I, for one, have often done just that, I do believe there is a better way and am quickly becoming addicted. 

Yep, love. God's love. Trusting in Him. Turning to Him. Crying out for His help though we don't see or feel Him near and resting in the knowledge He will answer, sooner or later. He says that if we know He has heard us (1John 5:15), then we already have in essence what we asked for. 

Think about it. Imagine yourself alone, no money, no wallet, stranded by the side of the road in a most inhospitable place. What do you do, how would you feel? Now imagine you found the cell phone you thought you had left at home and it was fully charged. You call your most trusted friend, the one who has always come through for you. They not only answer but immediately get underway to help you. Now how would you feel? That's what I'm talking about. You'd rest in the knowledge that real help was on the way. 

I've come to realize that Rest truly is an act of faith which explains why God seems to place such importance on it in our lives.

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