Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So in my last post I talked about REST. As I thought on it today I realized that the prequel to Rest is TRUST.

The only reason I can rest at all is because of my conviction that whether I understand whatever or whomever it is or not, whether I see anything coming or not, God is in control.

Yes, bad things happen but I am convinced that they are allowed to happen to us by God. One read through the Book of Job has taught me that. And that makes all the difference in the world to me. All the difference.

Think about it. Nothing gets past Him. It's not as if he slept or nodded off or got distracted and lost track of me. He is everywhere at once!!! Unfathomable that is. Everywhere. I mean everywhere at once. Not only in space but in time!!! He knows the end from the beginning, from the very start of things, He knows how it'll play out. Wrap your head around that! He knows what is going to happen. He doesn't miss anything, not now, not tomorrow not ever.

Secondly He loves us. So many passages in the Bible say just that, some directly, some implicitly; Jesus said it "once and for all" with his very life. God is FOR us. It's not just an indulgent ok, I love you cause you're my kid. No, it's purposeful, eternal, meaning it'll last forever, it will outlast EVERYTHING, it's a with all His heart sort of love for each one of us.

Not only have I felt that love transform my life (and believe me it needed transforming) but to really settle the issue, I can read all about it in the Bible,  it's all there. Amazing. It tells me God loves me over and over and over again. Again, not indulgently, oh, no, He has unflinching character and integrity (He wrote the Book). But in spite of it all He loves us devotedly, forever. And that's much better than indulgence. I trust Him.


  1. You've said it well. Learning to trust God in ALL things is definitely a prerequisite for true rest. He is faithful forever. It is great joy to find others who know this and can also trust Him.

  2. thank you flamekindler for the fellowship!