Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Even Acrylics can give headaches.

Well, I thought I would remove any and all suspense - don't worry you likely never noticed -since my last post, and show you my little watercolor completed... for now. I may retouch it later (if I do I'll show you). I started Watercolor two years ago with a fabulous Watercolor Workshop taught by Stan Miller (http://stanmiller.net/). Afterwards, I took a few lessons from Stan who insisted students chose a subject with the right level of difficulty for their skill and this subject definitely exceeds mine. But I couldn't resist! I had started painting four years before that with oils and acrylics (no lessons just books) but during my watercolor period, I had no more headaches so yes, Sherlock, turns out I was reacting to oils (acrylics too, even perfume now sends me into coughing fits)... It was hard to accept at first but hey. You know I never did like the smell of oils as some people do. Maybe that was my first clue. I'm saying all this for the benefit of any oil/acrylic painter who gets headaches, they say acrylics are fine but not for me. Fortunately, I like working with watercolor best but I love, love, love how oils gleam and look so palpably rich... This is my friends' cottage nearby, they took the photo that inspired me so I owe them. We live in Tulip Country and it's incredibly beautiful here (shhh.. we like it just the way it is).

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