Friday, May 14, 2010

This for you travelers stuck in an office and unable to hop on that plane. I personally love staying home. I can't stand travel. Anywhere. I took this in the oldest Duchy of France, which in itself is amazing for a nation that took care of most of its nobility some years back... Off with their heads was the battle cry then. Anyway, it's a city called Uz├Ęs not too far from the Meditarrenean Sea. There is still a Duke, pardon-me "un Duc" sometimes in residence there in his real life Medieval Chateau complete with turrets, located of course at the heart of the town. I love the red doors and shutters on the near left house. Gorgeous glossy color. The middle strip is for the water runoff when it rains. I bet when it was built, way before the Revolution, there was something else running down that culvert... You don't want to know.  Enjoy!

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