Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning, the pews of our not too large church were overflowing with a tide of visiting children. Three families came camping in our beautiful neck of the woods (and waters) and blessed us with their presence. Such gorgeous children between them all, too many for me to count, wanting rather to just behold them; they were exuberant and full of life without being distracting in any way. Adorable little tanned faces of all ages just out from the tent.   

Altogether, these families were the picture of wholeness and radiance and more: I saw on them a cleanliness that went far beyond the morning shower or the kiss of the sun. Such a sight they were, I was on the worship team today so I faced everyone and could easily feast my eyes. I couldn't help but notice again the importance of mothers. Each time a mother would move, her husband's attention would immediately turn to her. The children truly were their commendation. The women were clearly the heart of all three of these families and instantly I was proud of them. And so grateful. After all, the children they are raising are the face of our future.   

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