Friday, December 17, 2010

Kitchen Crèche

I have three crèche scenes in my house. By the way the word crèche is French and is still in use today for any childcare room or facility: it means lodging for children. Indeed. Well this crèche scene is set up in my kitchen window, which is a greenhouse window. The stage is a simple wooden plant stand and I rigged a little lamp from a night light bulb in a socket wrapped in brown paper and threaded through the grilled shelf above. I see it each time I do the dishes during the Christmas Season and every time, I am thankful for His Birth. Such a humble birth it was, in worldly terms. Yet nothing of His true nature, His power, His authority, his Purity, none of that was lost, just hidden from view much of the time... Truly amazing and food for my soul. Hope it feeds yours too. Merry Christmas.

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